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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> deadly weather. maryland's extreme heat claims four victims as temperatures soar into record territory. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. much of maryland spent the day under an excessive heat warning, and it's not going to be better tomorrow. people ventured outside after the temperatures dropped a little bit. a lot of people went outside grabbing ice cream to stay cool. it is still hot and very humid. conditions are expect heed to continue through the weekend. suzanne collins has the latest on a young man who died in the intense heat. first, a look at the record breaking temperatures today. >> we do still have a heat advisory in effect for a lot of the region. that continues until 8:00 tomorrow evening. we have lost the excessive heat warning but it is still hot. we topped out today 100 degrees. we started out the day at a very warm 82, and it is still 90 degrees outside. when you factor in the humidity it feels like 97. it's still feeling like 102 in d.c. we want to show you just off
. >> the damage is far and wide and no place was harder hit than the maryland suburbs. >> well, i was driving and i saw the tree fall and i slammed on the brakes and apparently, it fell and hit my car. it missed my by 3 inches. it was windy and it was pouring rain. i'm so lucky, i'm trying not to look at the dent in the car that's far from where i was sitting. >> reporter: the great grapes wine festival was interrupted and one was carried out on a stretcher. the storm moved in quickly and caught many by surprise. >> i was laying by the pool and it looked like a storm coming. >> i could see the trees all coming down and then, small stuff was that way and these were just coming down one after the other. >> reporter: a strong stone chimney was also that stopped this tree from crushing the house. >> it was scary. >> reporter: we checked in and the restoration process could take several days. and the bge customers, 38,000 are still in the dark. 're live downtown. >>> thank you, weijia. stay with us, when ever severe weather hits, we'll have a live look at the radars and the latest on watches and w
tomorrow. >>> thousands of marylanders are still in the dark tonight after serious storms pounded the state, knocking out power and toppling trees. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bernadette woods has a closer look at the system. we begin with derek valcourtux track -- valcourt, tracking the area. >> you are talking about pretty powerful winds with that storm, able to knock down hundreds of trees across the region, knocking out power to tens of thousands of homes. and even responsible for the deaths of two marylanders. >> reporter: the powerful storm raced through maryland, hitting some of the washington, d.c. suburbs hardest, places like montgomery county. >> kind of blew us from out of nowhere. and winds were swirling. i didn't see any funnel clouds or anything. but as bad of wind as we can get around here. >> reporter: sky eye 13 over the damage in northern county. >> it was scary. >> bob cabahay. had strong stone chimney kept a massive, splintered tree from crushing the house. but in beltsville, prince george's county, a fallen tree did crush this minivan, killing one w
maryland's special police officers with authority on all ccbc campuses. the officers can arrest, use force no protect themselves and others. it's all in an effort to protect the campus. ccbc plans to make sure that all officers attend the academy by june 2011 to ensure a safe, college community. >> reporter: while the academy can be dualing, officers say it's necessary. >> i want to know my back-up will be there and be able to assist me in whatever situation comes around. because we are a cam knaus is open to the public, anything can happen on this campus. and you need to be prepared for that. >> and that type of preparation could save lives. in dundalk, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the curriculum the officers experienced in the academy is unique and not offered anywhere else in the state. ccbc plans to offer academy training to others outside the college. >>> coming up next: we had rough weather passing through our area yesterday. >> we're still left with power outages, property damage and one reported death. >>> plus: the search continues for two sailors missing in afghanistan. cgl of
, maryland. as you see behind me, these power lines are over falls road, causing some cars to actually turn around other. cars like the ones behind me to go in the far lane. hoping to alternate. pepco is hoping to have full power restored throughout montgomery county in 48 hours or later. >> thanks, chris. >>> pepco, the crews are working all around the clock. they have an awful lot of work ahead of them. we have not seen power outages since hurricane isabel in 2003. >> we're joined by pepco's joseph rigby. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> tell us what pepco is doing to get everybody's power turned back on and why is it taking so long? >> well, start with the why. this is a pretty extraordinary storm. it came through yesterday afternoon, 60-mile-an-hour winds have ripped through the metropolitan area. and as i just was listening to your broadcast and the recounting of the trees down, we have reports of over 1400 wears down that you can get a sense of the extent of the damage. with regard to what we're doing to get power restored, we're bringing all of our resources to bear. all of the resour
for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. [ maltry the subway achin'steak & bacon melt. who's side he's on. and build your better breakfast with the new steak and bacon muffin melt with, oh yeah, bacon. crank up the flavor at subway. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i am lisa robinson. >> and i am lisa robinson.
in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland. 43,000 without power in baltimore. 48,000 in northern virginia. and the clean-up has just begun. the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now, they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in maryland, i'm kristin fisher for cbs news. >> thank you. >>> there were also severe storms in the midwest and rising floodwaters caused an iowa dam to break. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers is in delhi, iowa, with the latest. good morning, cynthia. >> reporter: good morning, betty. what's amazing about this is that this concrete dam has stood since the 1920s when it was built for hydroelectric power. the lake it formed had provided generations of iowa families with an affordable getaway until a stream came crashing down, taking out a 30-foot section of concrete. a nine-mile lake was reduced to a puddle. the sad news for folks here is in a recession, finding the money to rebuild this thing may be next to impossible. no loss of life is the only good news here. betty? >> all right, cbs's cynthia bo
. also, 77 down in fredericksburg. 74 at baltimore. 73 in frederick, maryland. here is a look at the satellite- radar. from the live shot you saw of the 14th street bridge, it is a mix of clouds and sun this morning. some clouds on the horizon and across portions of the sky. that is kind of the way it is going to be today. some sun mixed in with clouds through outthe day today but not a bad day. we do have changes though. here is your forecast. it will be warmer. yesterday, we only got up to 87 degrees. today, we are looking at 9 2- rbgs 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. it will be pore humid. a slight chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. a better chance during the evening but i do think today they would be widely scattered. -- today, we are looking at 92, 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. >>> the crew if sky fox is checking out your ride as you travel the capital beltway. landser op on the capital beltway with no problems to report. now, again, in montgomery county, this morning, police tell me there are at least 21 intersections that are
near nearby gaithersburg, maryland but felt hundreds of miles away. >> it was more of a really low rumble and the vibration rather than like a jet engine noise. i wasn't sure what it was. >> reporter: earthquake expert mike blanpied with the u.s. geological survey says earthquakes aren't rare in these parts. new york, southern virginia and the carolinas are more probably, but the d.c. region has had a few relatively minor tremors. >> in this area we're probably not going to get the big one right around here. we could get earthquakes big enough to do some damage and certainly there are many parts of the country that could. >> reporter: no one was injured and there was no damage reported, but people sure are talking about it. weighing in on the did you feel it section of the usgs website calling in to fox 5. but some people never even felt the earthquake sleeping through it, only learning about it hours later. >> as far as i'm concerned it did not happen. >> reporter: nothing except a little rattling and rolling has got folks talking over dinner about the day the earth around the d.c
say a 35-year-old man has confessed to killing ale local restoration artist in maryland. how police caught up with the alleged killer. >> anything that is in this world on an artistic level -- >> reporter: in an interview taped for the asian media outlet, the 45-year-old naimi oiz described her love for the arts. after graduating, her mow said naimi spent the rest of her life traveling the word, studying paintings and restoring them for famous clients. but on monday, d.c. police found her body stabbed, beaten with broken ribs, lying in an alley in northwest d.c. >> this this is a heinous, violent act. and this man is off the street right now and that the point we'll continue to investigate it. >> reporter: prosecutors say this man, 35-year-old raymond williams, admitted to killing naimi in her art studio in rockville sunday night and dumping the body wrapped in a blanket in d.c. police linked william to the crime by using surveillance footage captured at naimi's studio. only will yip was seen coming out. >> they were able to use images of the suspect and have him identified by i bel
and lightning and northern loudon county and maryland and north frederick county, virginia, there is a line north of frederick passing south mountain, heading off to the north and east will begin to pull away from the area as the morning progresses. right now it's a steamy morning. we're in the 70s to near 80 degrees across the region. 70s on the eastern shore, 60s out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. and this morning we have the weak frontal zone coming through. later today too a chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs low 90s. wednesday, steamy all week. jerry, how's the traffic? >> good morning, everyone. heads-up, you were warned. 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, a new lane configuration in the overnight hours early this morning. vdot is reconfiguring the travel lanes. construction barrels are right in the middle of the roadway and this will cause early confusion, particularly in the early morning darkness. you can see the construction barrels right there. we'll have two lanes to the right, two to the left. you get the drill. it's monday. >> and we'll
>> more rain after yesterday's record breaking temperatures, maryland braces for another day of heat. taking another look outside where it is already heating up. how high will it go? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. >> missing in afghanistan, the search for two u.s. soldiers intensifies. and slots debate. governor o'malley and former governor ehrlich weigh in on the future of slots in the state. and... >> the seventh annual family day is going on here at the druitt hills park basketball courts. we'll tell you all about the day's events. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it 18:00. it is 85 degrees and it is already starting to warm up outside. good morning to you. >> already. >> already. how did you brave yesterday? >> i could not escape it. >> no, you couldn't. >> you tried to run from it. it caught you. >> yes had a false sense of security because you went into a supermarket or something. when you came out, reality hit quickly. ye
used by bradley manning, a 22-year-old from potomac maryland. . >>> we have much more ahead on the wiki leaks controversy. just after 7:30, we'll talk with military analysts with fox news about what kind of danger the leak could present. >>> a lot of people feeling the effects of the storm this morning. if your home or property has been damaged, how do you go about handling the insurance claims? how do you better prepare incase something like this happens to you in the future? >>> as we head to break, a live look outside right now, 270 at montrose. we'll get the latest weather and traffic for you coming up next. it's 9 minutes after 7:00. ecic >>> making headlines this morning, the washington interfaith network is planning to put jobs in neighborhood investment first. hundreds of groups packed the asbury united methodist church pressing candidates to make jobs their number one issue if elected. >> need to support our people so they have the skills to be able to qualify for jobs in the district of columbia and be able to get those jobs. >> the last four years are a demonstration of sever
. big storms coming into western maryland and strong storms in southern pennsylvania, as well. the ones of concern to us between 2:40 and 3:20 in the afternoon moved into montgomery and howard counties, and frederick county. this is when a tornado warning was issued for the area. no reports of an actual tornado on the ground but for a brief period of time, it was thought the storm could produce that. it was producing strong winds and briefly heavy rains. as that storm line moved through and it reached down past the district of columbia, it produced winds in the 60 to 70 mile-an-hour range, knocking down trees and moved on to the eastern shore. now we have more comfortable temperatures, although it will be hot, just not as hot. we'll detail it coming up. >> strong winds from those storms left nearly 100, 000 people without power. tonight, about 56,000 of those customers remain in the dark. right now, around 30,000 people are without power. more than 17,500 in prince george's county. dge says all available crews are out working to restore power. >> amtrak tells 11 news that power outage i
through the area. sunday's weather uprooted trees and brought heavy rains in maryland, dc and virginia. montgomery county was hit hard as a tornado warning was issued for a the southeastern part of the county. thousand of people are in the dark after trees brought down power lines. pepco alone has 293,000 without power. a spokesman says there's no timetable for electricity to be restored. >>> two people are dead from the severe weather. one woman was killed when her minivan was hit by a falling tree. her mother was take on the the hospital with serious injuries. and a 6-year-old boy in sterling, virginia, died after a tree fell on top of him. obviously significant storms. do we think there is any repeat today? >> no. the weather service will send out a team and see if there was a tornado but a lot of straight line winds, 60, 70 miles an hour brought down the trees. >> unbelievable. >> let's show you the radar we had. big storms yesterday afternoon and evening. kind of wet from wet to east. didn't see much in the way of severe weather, even though they have some thunderstorms, here, dc,
knocked out about 300 signals across d.c. and maryland and just made a mess of the morning rush. about 200 of those signals are still dark at this hour. these pictures are from montgomery county where the outages seem to be concentrated. they backed up traffic at major intersections. some drivers say the commute took twice as long as usual today. >> the ride home, too, will be a rough one. first a look from tracy wilkins with more on what it looked like this morning. >> reporter: traffic was backed up around the washington area as drivers tried driving through major intersections without traffic lights. >> it's a painful it's taking me an hour where it usually takes about 25, 30 minutes. >> last night's storm left about 30 intersections around d.c. like this one at nebraska and nevada avenues. d-dot has some temporary stop signs put up to remind drivers what to do when the signals are out. >> be respectful to everybody. >> reporter: while most know what to do at four-way intersections, this five-way intersection in beth daze including major rows like old he he georgetown and arlington got
with fun in the sun in maryland this weekend, but they will be dealing with major heat along with humidity. it is already quite warm outside. will we see more dangerous temperatures today? good morning gwen. it's going to be another day melanie where the challenge will be to try to stay cool. let's take a look at what we did temperature wise yesterday. we broke record at all three airports. 101 at national and airport, 99 at dulles. these records setback from 23 years ago in 1987. right now at national airport, 79 degrees. humidity is up at 74%. so it's another day we'll have to deal with that. a very light northerly wind, that will soon change and some neighborhood temperatures ranging into the upper to mid-80s in some areas even. and we're going to continue to see that as the day and the morning does continue to wear on. and we d have a chance of storms this afternoon. we're keeping a close eye on a frontal system headed our way. our high today is 98 degrees. a heat advisory in effect until 8:00 tonight. i'll have more details later. >>> thank you. a lot of people are staying indoors to
's what people are talking about. >> severe storms blew through maryland today. and more are coming through right now. the afternoon storm earlier today, about 1:30, brought high winds, heavy rain, and lightning to north baltimore. outside right now, it is still so steamy, and no new storms are tearing through right now. you can tell some of the clouds. meteorologist tim williams is here with updated numbers from first warning weather. tim? >> let's go right to first warning live doppler radar. just within the last 30 seconds, the highlighted area you see in the center of your scream is a thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:45. very strong storms have been rolling through the region. and when they come through, they bring torrential downpours, really drenching rains and gusting winds. and very, very strong storms at least for a short time. then they move on out. sitting down near vienna and cambridge. and salisbury, very strong storms. this is going to be the case this afternoon. take a look at your watches and warnings. take a look at the highlighted area. a severe thunderstorm
downtown at the maryland science center a beautiful shot of the city and the stadium. it was a steamy weekend. we hit 100 degrees both days. we broke records both days. yesterday, which hit 100, which broke the old record of 99. we have made the transition into a cooler air mass. we saw the thunderstorms last night. there was some violent weather. now the front is way off to the south. high pressure comes in from the great lakes. we do have some much more comfortable conditions out there this morning. it feels much better this morning. the thunderstorms have diminished along the front. it is far enough away from us that we should end up with a dry day. maybe some high, thin clouds around annapolis and the eastern shore. most of us will see sunshine today. low 70's right now. seven yuan in rock hall. the dew points are in the low 60's -- 70 degrees in rock hall. cooler, less humid. high temperature near 90 degrees. sun said this evening at 8:24. mostly clear and pleasant tonight. -- sunset this evening at 8:24. another nice day coming up tomorrow with a high temperature near 88. low 90
hill. it is an illness that affects millions of american children. scientists here in maryland think they have found a vaccine for juvenile die beaties -- diabetes. >> a tour on a new community kitchen and tell you about a new program cranking out not only meals but restaurant workers in the future. >> first, you are looking at a live picture outside. what a beautiful sight. tony has your holiday insta-weather plus forecast next. stay with us. can a smart phone reach the four corners of the earth ? can it make unlimited skype-to-skype calls to any country ? without using any minutes ? im anyone on skype. droid can with skype mobile. one of thousands of apps that can run with other apps. from the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does. right now buy one droid by motorola and get a second one free. only from verizon. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors
.c., maryland, issues all our jurisdictions around here. first up in the district, let's talk a little politics, folks. the chairman of the board of elections resigned last week. we have a big primary coming up september 14th. how is that going to be affected by this? >> you know, it seems like a nitpicky story but it is significant. if there was a challenge to election results, who would resolve it? the district may not be able to certify who is elected. this board has done a lot of voter registration levels. people need to make sure their names weren't purged erroneously. they will have where you can register and vote the same day. you can vote out of precinct. there are all these big changes. it's a lot for one agency. there's a question about whether or not they'll be able to do their job without a chairman or a board with a quorum. now, politically, this is a fight. the mayor will be able to appoint somebody out of emergency. >> interesting timeng. >> right. >> so the council is saying we have some names that we could present and we'll come back into session just for this one issue because
struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. [ maltry the subway achin'steak & bacon melt. and build your better breakfast with the new steak and bacon muffin melt with, oh yeah, bacon. crank up the flavor at subway. >>> we're back, "early show" on a monday morning. and it is sunny and warm outside in the northeast right now. but dave price says, thunderstorms potentially. >> potentially. >> which would be great. cool things off a bit. >> it would be very nice to cool things off a bit. speaking of cooling off, if you are on vacation to cool things off or warm up, luggage can be a huge hassle. checking your luggage can be a huge hassle when you fly. you may need to pay a fee and the airline could still lose your bags, but that headache might be a thing of the past, thanks to our travel editor, peter gren burg, you don't want to miss his money-saving tips. peter says he's not checked a bag in eight years. >> if peter says to do it, i'm following. the man knows his stuff. >>> speaking of vacation, the first family spent a fun-filled weekend in maine,
gets the house, the car. but who gets the dog? how one divorce case in maryland may change the way pets are viewed when a marriage splits up. carol costello's got a "gut check" for us ahead. >>> checkin this morning. as we cross the half-hour, three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening their mail citing a french police source, reuters says the exact nature of the poisonings is not yet known. the source also did not know the seriousness of the employees' condition. no comment yet from the u.s. embassy. >>> turns out the number of graves mislabeled or mismarked at arlington national cemetery is way more than originally thought. as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may have been affected in this. the army's previous estimate is much smaller. around 211 plots at the military burial ground. >>> this is now the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war began nine years ago. in the past 24 hours, nato says three american soldiers were killed in two different blasts in southern afghanistan. that brings july's death toll to 63. >
. >>> look at dispatch center was by all of your -- by one of our viewers in maryland and a waste transfer center. wind toppled a giant crane, no reports of injury. >>> the storms were just as destructive in the district. hurricane strength winds broke trees and branches, sending them into houses, power lines, and on top of cars. roads were lifted from buildings -- rooves or listed. >> we have an abundance of large, old trees in northwest washington. this is a chevy chase parkway. there is one lying right across the street. it fell on top of several vehicles. aside from all of the of debris, power lines are down in this neighborhood. if we look around this area of northwest d.c., this is a real problem for a lot of people this morning, lights out. a lot of people still in the dark. at this hour we have not seen any cleanup crews or any repair crews coming through. of course, we understand that in the near future they do have this neighborhood on their agenda. a lot of people in this particular community are very anxious to get the streets cleaned up and to get their lights and air conditio
. for >> maryland -- well, let's go to maryland. whether maryland has been under cloud covers for the past few hours. and taking a look at the mixture of clouds and sun, we'll have a 92-degree high for today. it's been hotter and humid. and partly cloudy and 74 tonight. and we'll have thunderstorms and this is bringing us into the beautiful, beautiful run of weather for the week and week's end. >> stay with us, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> oh, we have people here from all over the country. from texas, from michigan, from florida. >> indiana, california. >> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. i'm harry smith along with erica hill and dave price. >>> coming up, you talk about a battle of wills. out on a hiking trail in montana, jack hanna and a bear. not just one bear -- >> is this for tv? >> was it a bear or a bear? >> a bear. >> was she down aways? >> big, angry bear. >> was she down aways? >> the bear didn't know who he was messing with. >> hi, jack. >> glad to be here. >> we're glad, too. >> there's a real story here. not the least of which is as important as the fact that jack had pepper spray. >
: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. froms the gentlewoman from maryland rise? -- for what purpose does the gentlewoman from maryland rise? without objection. ms. edwards: here we go again. today and every day in this chamber my republican colleagues stand here and blame gems for failing to create jobs. blame democrats for failing to create jobs. right now senate republicans just like their house colleagues are blocking the passage of five critical bills that would create at least 1.5 million jobs for the american people. house republicans have the audacity to accuse democrats of not doing enough to create jobs? shame on them. i urge republican senators to vote for america competes, the small business job and credit act, the jobs for main street act, and the small business and infrastructure act to provide desperately needed jobs. if republicans are really serious about job creation, then they urge their colleagues in the senate to take immediate action and pass these bills. madam speaker, it's about 186 days since we passed our first jobs bill and still they haven't acted. it's ti
will be fully restored. >>> that vicious storm is blamed for the death of a maryland woman driving a minivan. she was caught by surprise when a powerful wind uprooted a tree and crushed her to death. >>> and a dam break estimates well into the millions of dollars and the threat from surging water is not over. the river is expected to crest today at a record high of more than 32 feet. >>> it is time now for this morning's weather from around the nation. stormy, with gusty winds and flash flooding from the carolinas down to florida. also in tennessee, arkansas and mississippi. showers and thunderstorms in louisiana and texas. 80-mile-an-hour winds, large hail and isolated tornados in north dakota and northern minnesota. >> meanwhile, 91 in fargo. 87 in minneapolis. 90 in kansas city. nearly 90 here in the big apple. 94 in atlanta. 91 in miami. 80s from seattle down to sacramento. phoenix hits 106. salt lake city 99, boise, 94. >>> ahead on this monday morning, a truly unbelievable medical mix-up. a young woman thought to have died in a car crash is identified among survivors from a family plan
was one of the first. a waiting list grew from minnesota to maryland. lisa drove four hours for the gentle giant who was downsized out of his apartment. bennie will now have acres to explore. >> we are very excited to take him on and give him a life, a care-free life. he'll be happy. >> reporter: there is a lot more wagging around here. no longer homeless, voiceless victims, but treasured friends one more time. michelle kosinski, nbc news. violet, louisiana. >> nice job, everybody. love a happy ending. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm lester holt from new york. see you tomorrow morning on "today" and back tomorrow evening. "today" and back tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. cities across the bay area are trying to balance budgets a
caused the death of one man in prince georges county, maryland, today. paramedics found the young man unconscious on a bike path. cause of death officially not established but they believe it was heat related. >> glor: tony guida in central park tonight, tony, thank you. the chicago area is dealing with extreme heat and severe flooding. more than seven inches of rain fell in some parts yesterday and overnight leaving residential neighborhoods underwater. heavy rain in eastern iowa has caused a dam to burst today. a swollen lake cut a hole 30 feet wide in the dam. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. overseas tonight, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan and may have been captured by the taliban. our terry mccarthy is embedded with u.s. troops in helmand province, he joins us tonight. terry, this story, highly unusual. what do we know right now? >> reporter: jeff, this is a very bizarre story. apparently the two u.s. service members were c.v.s returning from a training mission about five miles south of kabul and appeared to be kidnap bide the taliban somewhere on thei
high winds roared through maryland. another woman in the van was injured. all along the eastern seaboard temperatures in the high 90s gave way to a fast moving storm that caused heavy damage. in new york this storm brought down dozens of trees, one crashing this car. no injuries, but some residents thought it was more than just a rainstorm. >> it sounded like a little tornado was happening over here, because within seconds this big tree fell down and this one just missed the house by a couple inches. so it got bad. >> reporter: the nation's capital was hardest hit. >> we have a wire down over there. we have the street over there blocked by a tree that came down on a house and firefighters are over there right now. >> reporter: this morning hundreds of thousands in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland, 43,000 without power in baltimore, 38,000 in northern virginia. and the cleanup has just begun. officials in the area say the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in asp
-old army intelligence officer from maryland. >> just ahead, imagine riding through the drive-through in this. we'll show you who's behind this whacky invention. >>> up all night in oakland. we'll take you to the coliseum where you can join hollywood a-listers shooting a move about the a's. >> and police think they have a the people who killed a man over $17. >> and prepping for your morning commute. i'm tracking it for you this morning. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up 5:00 in a couple of seconds. it is tuesday, july 22nd. >> we want to check in with
lisa robinson. maryland state police and baltimore city police are investigating a police chase ended in the death of a motorcyclist. state police said that at 3:00 a.m. sunday, officer timothy beall was falling 27-year-old haines holloway-lilliston on northbound 83 in an attempt to make a traffic stop. the officer chased a man to baltimore county, and eventually he collided at the dulaney valley road, killing him. the officer was not following the department is policy. >> the lieutenant asked the officer to cease and desist the pursuit of the motorcycle, and for whatever reason, that communication was not followed. he was outside his jurisdiction, for outside his jurisdiction, and we need to figure out exactly what happened. >> the officer has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. police say they have received a reports that tyrone hicks, who had a long criminal past, was dealing drugs out of a pickup truck at penrose avenue and monroe street. when officers tried to arrest him, he took off, crashing into a car driven by a woman heat. he was arrested at the
to get more crowd maryland the u.s. in the time it takes to go down to the wire, 801 babies will be born. that's 267 newborns a minute. and all those births are helping fuel a population boom. researchers say by next year planet earth will have 7 billion people. a report shows the u.s., australia, canada and new zo zealand will continue to grow because of higher birthrates and immigration. >>> a wild scene in southwest france. the bull going bonkers is the big draw. unlike spaniards at the running of the bulls, the french it seem try to stand their ground against the raging beasts and don't do too well. ouch. in france, a tour bus goes into the drink. but wouldn't you know the sunk bus became quite the tourist attraction of its own. >>> in london, you can now easily bypass a tour bus for a bicycle. in a move to go greener, the city has made bikes available for rent. all throughout the city. >>> sarah palin is getting ready for her next big book signing tour after the huk success of going rogue. the publisher unveiled this book cover today. it won't hit stores until november. >>> jill bid
of heat-related deaths reported. in maryland, a 20-year-old man went into cardiac arrest while biking in 100-degree heat. with temperatures in the triple digits, the u.s. is baking. >> man, it is hot in washington, d.c. the records are being set. a heat index of 109 degrees. for the tourists, water, ice cream, maybe a little bit of shade to try and stay cool. this is not over any time soon. >>> here in raleigh, we have reports of fainting at the state's farmer's market. and if you think we're used to it here in the south, mete meteorologists say, this is rare. we had one heat index today, 117 degrees. >> reporter: why so hot? compounding the high temperatures are abnormally high humidities. we're on track to have record temperatures. >> ice cold, ice cold! >> nothing like good, cold water on a nice hot day. the only problem is when you run out. >> and the folks living in the states that have hat advisories need cold water. 11 states from georgia on up the coast. the temperatures do dissipate just a spell. it will feel still a bit steamy. we look at the temperatures. cincinnati, 91 tod
than 12,000 outages in virginia and northern virginia for the most part there. in maryland, bge has about 36,000 outages. >>> most of those power outages are in montgomery county. >> sarah similar monday is live in rockville where a disabled traffic signal might pose a problem for the morning rush hour. how is it looking this morning -- sarah simmons is live in rockville. >> we've seen folks at times that are not obeying the four- way stop rule. we are on rockville pike. some folk are heeding the four- way stop and others are not. that then poses quite a danger for people. that is the case up and along 355 that we have seen the traffic signals out. that will be a major issue for the commute. businesses around here that are still without power as well and this has been the case throughout the morning hours all night long that the traffic signals have been out. here along route 55, other places as well but again, like you mentioned, montgomery county has been one. hardest places that have been hit. now, i talked with a woman earlier who on her drive in to check out to see if her workp
: and perhaps finally end the disaster. jay gray, nbc news. >>> this morning a maryland man is in jail and accused of sealing a sheriff's deputies cruiser. this happened before 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. the deputy was trying to serve papers on someone else and the suspect jumped in and took off. >>> 4:38 right now. it is wikipedia versus the white house. how the website managed to leak tens of thousands of military records concerning the war in afghanistan. >>> plus, new home video of a massive dam leak in iowa that forced hundreds of people out of their homes. >>> a new study shows just how acceptable tattoos really are. the best potatoes absolutely come from texas. we grow the best potatoes right here in california. the best potatoes come from new england. definitely michigan. nope. they come from florida. it's california. california? give me a break. the perfect chip every time. no, not michigan. have you seen those guys? -michigan. -michigan. it's florida. no sir. they come from texas. >>> time for weather and traffic on the 1s on this monday morning. we're still recovering fr
call from columbia, maryland. bill is on our democrats line. caller: i will speak fast so i it -- because i have a lot to say. we have people available to give up their jobs, the baby boomers, anyone born from 1946 through 1964, 78 million baby boomers. the 7000 baby boomers reach the age of 62 every single day. people, if given the right incentives, would retire. many people will not retire because of medical benefits. the federal government should drop the medicaid age requirement from 65 to 62. and buying fixed mortgages for these people with just a paper change, at a 3%, would drop the money they have to put out each month. and the state governments and federal government can look into -- but we have people right now who would retire if given the right incentives. remember, 7000 baby boomers per day are available to give up their jobs and would do it with the right incentives but the government is not looking at its. not even talking about this pool of people -- they changed america as they have gone through the years. they can do it again. they are waiting and willing t
year. what do you think? maryland, good morning. caller: the biggest supporters for the volt but of be ball in venezuela, iraq, iran, the people that are scared of americans coming at them and sending blackwater to plant bombs and kill 600,000 people like they did in iraq, which they continue to do. our water is turning black in the gulf just because god is punishing us for what we did over there by looking the other way when blackwater was killing all of those people, which they continue to do. all of these bombs in pakistan and iraq, oil for blackwater. it will save us from doing that for the world. i hope to god that this is a great success. it will save the world on the monsters we have created. host: thank you. "$41,000, that is more than i over my house. i would purchase a segue first before i spend that much of my car." who has insurance, who does not have health insurance? looking at a state-by-state breakdown, the number of uninsured in massachusetts is 435,000, washington, d.c., 65,000, ohio is that 1.1 million, virginia is of around 1 million, california is a 6.4 m
with a normal lead. maryland the traffic, to 70 has been a glorious to get down to the lane divide with a brief delay. the beltway between 95 maryland and the american legion bridge is running at speed. >>> 75 degrees now at reagan national airport but mainly in the 60's outside the beltway. notice the showers moving into west virginia. they should be pushed east as early as lunchtime. anticipate some scattered showers across the region and it should be off and on into the afternoon. 90 degrees will be the high temperature today. we will have increasing clouds and the best chance of rain is later tonight and into tomorrow. it will be 87 degrees but warming to the mid-90's by thursday. >> we will be right back. garage cleaning runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with our delicious iced coffees. there's a refreshing flavor for everyone. get yours today. america runs on dunkin'. affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% o
to the distinguished majority leader, the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding, and i rise in strong support of this rule. this is a difficult rule. it's difficult rule because it deals with an extraordinarily important subject. it deals with the lives and -- mr. dreier: mr. speaker, the house is not in order. the majority leader deserves to be heard. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is correct. the house is not in order. mr. hoyer: i thank my friend from california, mr. dreier. this is an important rule. it's important to every member of this house, on either side of this house whatever ideology they bring to this house. it's extremely important to the american people. it deals, as i said, with the lives and welfare of our young people. it deals with the security of this nation. it deals with the safety of our people. it deals with the objective of not only teaching our children but in eliminating terrorists who would put them at risk. i rise in support of this r
,000 customers in the dark, majority are in northern virginia and in maryland, bge has more than 35,000 outages at this time. fox 5's sarah simmons joins us live from rockville with more. sarah. >> reporter: well, tony, i can tell you here in montgomery county the traffic signals are the big issue with the power outages along rockville pike most of the traffic signals this morning have been out and where we are here at nicholson lane and rockville pike, we actually have officers who are here directing traffic right now, there's about 270 traffic signals that are out at this point in montgomery county. now, these officers arrived when they heard about the fact that there was a random citizen. if you take a look at the video, there was a random citizen who showed up here earlier directing traffic and he showed up right after a small fender bender took place at this intersection. of course with it being a four way stop, not everybody was heeding that and there happened to be a fender bender at that point. he was out here during that time until officers arrived, showed up and then they started dire
, d.c., sweltering heat. in maryland, the mercury rose to 99 degrees. that's especially concerning, considering six people have already died there of heat-related causes this year. that's the same number for all of last year. the eastern seaboard is preparing to endure what could be the worst heat wave in decades. people are doing what they can to cool it off, water it down, sweat it out or block it out. anthony ballard plans on spending most of the week here at one of new york's 100 cooling centers. >> i have a studio where i have no air conditioner so it's really, like, necessary to be here on a hot day like today. >> it can be life saving. heat exhaustion can kill someone. >> reporter: these temperatures make kids especially vulnerable. already this year a record 19 children have died after being left in a hot car. a typical car will heat up 0 degrees in ten minutes and 30 degrees in 30 minutes. you shouldn't leave a pet or a child or anyone in a car for anytime in this weather. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. today, we measured the temperature inside this car after an hour. it
was positioned over germantown maryland. is shook walls, rattled nerves but did little else. beth parker is live with the latest. >> reporter: shawn, here in montgomery county there is one big question people are asking today and that question is did you feel it. ray barnes and his wife augusta call themselves pioneers in this rockville neighborhood. how long have you been in the south? >> since 1955. >> reporter: the first earthquake? >> first earthquake. i was sitting there in my chair this morning at 5:00 as i usually do reading my "wall street journal." all of a sudden i heard this rumbling noise and shaking. >> reporter: the next thing he heard was his wife. >> what in the world is that? i walked outside and everything was bright to the world. except my wall. >> the first thing i did was look out the window to see if the wall was down. >> reporter: it was. the retaining wall that belongs to -- [ indiscernible ] the quake was enough to do it in. >> well, i was just speaking with my illustrious neighbor and he said he was going to have his contractor look into it. >> reporter: no need for a c
collapsed at the waste transfer center in maryland. powerful wind toppled the giant grain. there are no reports of injury there. >>> we moved to the district. the storms were just as destructive. erick kuehn stringen--hurricane strength winds. now we continue with live coverage from the district. >> in upper northwest d.c. we have an abundance of very old, large trees. a number of them could not withstand the power of yesterday's storms. on chevy chase parkway, you see one of those large trees lying across the road. look at all of the power lines. a lot of debris in the streets as well still this morning. you see another batch of power lines lying across this roadway. in this neighborhood this morning there is not a lot of activity or electricity. this condominium building has a lot of open windows. we assume they are keeping the windows opening because the air- conditioning is not working this morning. we have not seen any power crews or repair crews clearin or clues clearing things away. people are anxious to get their electricity back on as well so that they can fire of
maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, 27th day of july, 2010. picture perfect day in the northeast. we have a great cloud on the plaza. they're saying hi to zac efron, former "high school musical" star, making a new movie "charlie st. loudcloud" and we' talk to him in a little while. >>> matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry and al roker. what do you have coming up? >> a scary fact. 25% of all americans have credit scores below 600. what can you do right now to improve yours? five helpful hint that you can do now. >> also coming up, martha stewart's in the house. we don't always want to bake in the summer, right? in the summer heat. martha will show us some yummy desserts that will not have us in the kitchen. >> 25 years ago, they discovered the wreck of the titanic. now, less than half
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